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One Ukrainian soldier killed, four others injured in Donbas in past 24 hours

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    One military service member has been killed and four inured in the anti-terrorist operation zone in southeastern Ukraine in the past 24 hours, ATO spokesman Andriy Lysenko said at a briefing at the Ukrainian crisis media center in Kyiv on March 2. .

    Volunteers Battalion "Aydar" was reorganized into the 24th separate assault battalion of ground forces.Yevhen Ptashnyk is appointed its commander, said the acting head of the press service of the General Staff Vladislav Selezniov.

    He said that the command of the battalion conducted a careful selection of soldiers who have joined the ranks of the newly created unit."Aydar" so far is a single volunteer battalion that joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    he conflict in eastern Ukraine has claimed over 6,000 lives.This is what head of the UN mission on Human Rights in Ukraine Armen Arutyunyan told.A further 14,800 people have suffered injuries, he said.

    However, he said, given that the full report of casualties, especially near Donetsk airport and in the area of Debaltsevo has not yet represented, the mission of the UN Human Rights estimates that the total number of people killed today in eastern Ukraine in almost 6 thousand people.

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