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Over 60% of Ukrainians trust Poroshenko - survey

    15 January 2021 Friday

    More than 60% of Ukrainians fully or partially trust Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko following the first hundred days of his activity as head of state, according to a survey conducted by the Socis Center for Social and Marketing Research from September 5 to September 10, 2014.

    According the press release published on the center's Web site, Poroshenko is fully or partially trusted by 62.9% of respondents. He is trusted fully or generally negatively by 25.8%, and 23.5% of respondents are neutral about his actions. The second most trusted person is Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk (53.9%). Civil Position Party leader, MP Anatoliy Hrytsenko is third (48.8%), followed by Radical Party leader, MP Oleh Liashko (45.1%) and UDAR Party leader and Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko (44%). According to the survey, 61.8% of respondents think that Poroshenko is to some degree coping with the duties of the supreme commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, whereas 26.6% believe that he is not. Some 11.5% were unable to assess this trend in the work of the president. "People mostly support such actions and initiatives by the president as an increase in Ukraine's international authority (85.3%), measures to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and improve their defense capabilities (79.1%), and the decision on the dissolution of and early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (78.7%). The holding of talks with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin in order to achieve peace and end the war is fully or mostly supported by 77.7% of respondents, and the development of the Ukraine 2020 strategy is backed by 70.2%," reads the release. As for the changes that have occurred in the life of the country for the first hundred days of Poroshenko's presidency, people see greater improvement in such areas as the level of Ukrainian patriotism (63.6%), Ukraine's relations with the United States (48.4%) and Europe (46%), the level of Ukraine's authority in the world (44.9%) and the improvement of defense capabilities (35.4%). "The number of respondents who note improvement in these issues is significantly higher than the number of those who believe that the situation has not changed in these spheres, as well as the number of those pointing to deterioration," reads the statement. However, sociologists said, 73.1% of those polled noted the worsening of the situation in the economy, 19.2% see it unchanged, and only 3.2% pointed to improvement in this issue. Speaking about the level of corruption, 24.2% of respondents pointed to its deterioration, and 59.8% believe the situation has not changed. As for the major expectations of the Ukrainian president, the five main tasks (out of 21), which, according to people, are facing Poroshenko, are the following Б─⌠ finding a peaceful solution to the Donbas conflict - 49%, ensuring Ukraine's territorial integrity - 38.5%, increasing salaries and pensions - 36.6%, curbing price growth - 33.7%, and reducing unemployment - 33%. Resolving the conflict in Donbas by force is expected by 10.2% of respondents. A total of 2,800 respondents aged over 18 were interviewed.

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