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Putin says he hopes four spaces deal will be ready soon

    25 January 2021 Monday

    Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed hope on Friday that Russia and the European Union would be ready by May 2005 to sign agreements to set up "four common spaces" for economics, internal and external security, and humanitarian matters.
    Putin made the announcement at a news conference in Paris after a Russian-French-German-Spanish summit.

    "We count on support from our respected partners - France, Germany and Spain - in promoting these documents and expect that we will be able to sign 'road maps' for forming the four common spaces," Putin said.

    The Russian-EU dialogue was one of the main subjects at the summit, he said. "We confirmed again that we are aiming for a long-term and multifaceted partnership and, in this connection, we paid special attention to preparations for the upcoming Russia-EU summit in Moscow in May," Putin said.


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