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Reikartz Hotels Resorts invite to Young Wine Fest in Transcarpathia

    27 January 2021 Wednesday

    The Young Wine Fest called «Carpathian Beaujolais» is traditionally held on the third weekend of November in Uzhgorod, the center of Transcarpathia region, Ukraine. The Festival has become a special tradition for this old town − this year is the 17th when it welcomes the connoisseurs of young wine, as well as those who simply want to enjoy the colorful romantic autumn in Zakarpattia.

    In 2010 the best Ukrainian winemakers will present their products of the season on November, 20- 21. During these two days the guests of the festival will have an opportunity to taste up to 15 sorts of young wine, produced exceptionally from the classic European sorts of grape.

    Free wine testing is not the only attraction of the Young Wine Festival 8722; «Carpathian Beaujolais» event is an excellent opportunity to get closer to the history and traditions of Carpathian winemaking, try oneself in the centuries-old culture and etiquette of wine drinking, or learn how to select the best wine. If you take part in voting for the best wine-maker of the festival, you can win an elegant souvenir with the symbol of the Young Wine Fest.

    Reikartz Hotels Resorts cordially invite you to try the wonderful Carpathian wine, which carefully preserves the summer warmth and freshness of the ripe grape.

    In order to celebrate the festival Reikartz Carpaty and Reikartz Polyana have prepared a special present for the guests 8722; a comfortable journey to Uzhgorod, right to the spot where the Festival is held. The trip is free of charge and is accompanied by an experienced local guide. On the way you will get acquainted with the exciting legends and traditions of Zakarpattia, taste the delicious Carpathian honey; visit the mysterious Palanok Castle in Mukachevo and a lot more!

    The golden autumn is indeed the finest time to visit Zakarpattia, and not only to taste «Carpathian Beaujolais». It is an ideal opportunity for romantic walks in the mountains through the silent autumn forest, as well as for endless conversations with friends while enjoying a cup of fragrant herbal tea... Reikartz Polyana invites you to the recently opened SPA Wellness center to take care of your health before long winter by taking a course of mineral water and mud treatment. The autumn gifts from Reikartz hotels in Zakarpattia also include a free course of mineral baths, free sauna, excursions and picnics.
    Reikartz Hotels Resorts is a Ukrainian hotel chain operated by Reikartz Hotel Management in compliance with European standards of service.

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