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SILPO supermarket chain reached remote Zakarpattya

    16 January 2021 Saturday

    According to the information provided to "Agrooglyad: Vegetables and Fruits" journal by Lyudmila Dzyamko, the Market Information Specialist of Zakarpattya office, Agricultural Marketing Project, the first store of SILPO supermarket chain is planned to be opened in Uzhgorod early March. It is the first national supermarket chain which opens its store in the remote Zakarpattya. SILPO chain is one of the largest chains of groceries in Ukraine; it consists of more than 80 stores around the country. SILPO is a self-service store; it offers 6,000-12,000 food items for sale depending on the trading area and size of the store. As a rule, SILPO opens at once several stores in each city where the chain enters the market. Uzhgorod will not be an exclusion, next store of the chain will be opened mid April in the city.

    Five relatively small supermarkets are functioning now in Uzhgorod. Two more stores of the national SILPO chain, characterized by a broad assortment of produce items, will influence positively produce wholesale trade in the region, Lyudmila Dzyamko thinks. SILPO entrance on market means increasing sales possibilities and extended produce assortment for vegetable, fruit and berry producers. Agricultural Marketing Project has been fruitfully cooperating with SILPO supermarket chain for a long time; the Project helps them contacting to the trustworthy suppliers of fresh and quality produce in the various regions of Ukraine.

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