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The song that is to be the symbol of Eurovision will be presented at the end of May in Kyiv

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    The singer Ruslana Lyzhychko started recording the song that is to the symbol of Eurovision-2005. As the representatives of the press service of Kyivstar’s program “Ukraine is the heart of Europe” told UNIAN, the new composition will be a remix of one of the Ruslana’s songs.According to Ruslana’s words, nine children take part in the recording process. They will be telling about their dreams in a rap recitative style. “This is the first song where I will work with children. The melody is very romantic. This is not “Wild Dances”, it’s going to be romance I began with in my early works. Eurovision will be full of events and I guess the song will become one of symbols of Ukraine’s contest,” – said Ruslana.

    The lyrics will be written with the help of the front-man of “Tartak” band, Sashko Polozhynsyi, “The idea of the lyrics is very simple. All of us are Ukraine’s children. Both adults and little children. But our country is not an abstract notion, this is the aggregate of concretethings. These are trees, forests, steppes, people who live and work in cities and villages. All of them have their own wishes and problems. Buteverybody wants to have less problems, we want our dreams to come true.

    That’s why we have to unite in our dreams for the better world, we have to realize that our strength is in our unity. The words and voices of children in this song help us do it,” – says Sashko Polozhynskyi.

    The presentation of the song is due to be held at the end of April in Kyiv.

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