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Total assets of banks UAH 998.8 billion as of April 1

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    The assets of banks as of April 1, 2010 amounted to 882.3 billion UAH (1 USD - 7.93 UAH), total assets 998.8 billion UAH.

    Most of the total assets are credit operations - 72.4%, says NBU's report on the preliminary results of bank activities. Equity capital of banks amounted to 133.8 billion UAH or 15.2% of banks' liabilities, obligations 748.5 billion UAH, individuals' funds 218.2 billion UAH, and the funds of economic entities 115.5 billion UAH. Licenses of the National Bank for banking operations as of April 1 were issued to 175 banks, including 173 joint-stock companies (among them 55 open, 1 closed and 117 public), and 2 limited liability companies. There are 19 banks in a state of liquidation, 17 of them being eliminated by the decisions of the NBU, and 2 by the decisions of economic (arbitration) courts.

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