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Ukraine : 6,400 schools closed due to frosts

    16 January 2021 Saturday

    In Ukraine, due to frosts, 6,400 general educational establishments suspended their work, which are attended by almost 900,000 children.Due to a great fall of the air temperature, studies were suspended at 6,400 general educational establishments attended by 898,600 children.

    Most of schools were closed in Dnipropetrovsk region (972 schools), Ivano-Frankivsk region (754), Khmelnytsky region (607), Rivne region (596 ) and Zhytomyr region (518).

    This was voiced by Minister of Emergencies Viktor Baloha at a Cabinet's meeting today.The official said it became possible due to timely response to the challenges associated with record-low temperatures.

    In this regard, a draft resolution aimed at strengthening work during extreme weather conditions was submitted by the Ministry of Emergencies to the Cabinet of Ministers.

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