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Ukraine's Carpathian Region Gets New Jewish Day School

    17 January 2021 Sunday

    UZHGOROD, Ukraine – This week in the Carpathian Region of Ukraine, the city of Uzhgorod marked an unprecedented event in the life of the local Jewish community. For the first time in over 70 years, a new Jewish day school opened in this city of 117,000, located near the border with Romania.

    The inauguration ceremony engaged the school’s future pupils, their parents, teachers, members of the local community, and numerous guests and local officials. The festive event began with greetings from the city's Chief Rabbi, Menachem Taichman and his wife, who addressed participants about the immense significance of the day school and a Jewish education to the life and continuation of the Jewish community.

    The Ohr Avner Chabad Day School occupies a building located near the Jewish Community Center. So far, 12 children have signed up for the first season at the elementary school. The youngsters will attend daily lessons on the basic school subjects, in addition to classes on traditional Jewish subjects. Pupils will also receive three hot meals a day, prepared in the community's kosher kitchen.

    The school's establishment was made possible thanks to the Ohr Avner Foundation, which supports Jewish educational institutions across the Former Soviet Union

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