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Ukrainian army death toll in Volnovakha soars to 18

    24 January 2021 Sunday

    Two more Ukrainian military servicemen, who were injured near Volnovakha (Donetsk region) on May 22, died in the early hours of May 23 morning, said Kostiantyn Zinkevych, a military serviceman from the 51st separate mechanized brigade

    "There were five in a hospital in Volnovakha, three are now left. Another seven injured people are in a hospital in Donetsk. Today a helicopter should fly them from these places either to Kharkiv, or to Dnipropetrovsk, or to Kyiv.There is security outside the wards but the situation is such that the injured should be moved away because of the risk of being captured by separatists, as they already claimed," Zinkevych said .

    Ukrainian army is preparing a "massive response" to terrorists

    This is what head of the Center for Military-Political Studies D. TIMCHUK wrote on his page in "Facebook".

    Events in Volnovaha stimulated Ukrainian law enforcers to action. And the Prosecutor General's Office has opened criminal proceedings on two counts - "a terrorist act that resulted in death" and "negligence."

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