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Unrecognized nation of Western Ukraine addressed worlds’ parliaments

    21 January 2021 Thursday

    “Soym of Carpathian Ruthenians” (the organization that unites non-governmental agencies of Ruthenians, Slavic nation of Carpathia, they also call themselves “Rusyns”) addressed parliaments of the USA, Russia, Canada, Poland and several other countries. They ask to recognize Ruthenians as a nation and admit the fact of Ruthenian genocide during WWI and WWII. The declaration also stresses that on the Ukrainian referendum on Independence in 1991 most Ruthenians supported the creation of an independent state. “We were full of democratic hopes, but everything is still in the same way. Liquidation of Ruthenian as a nation continues. Being a peaceful nation, we, Ruthenians, who have survived a genocide, recognize the Genocide of Russian and Ukrainian people in 1918-1953, as we recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915. But we survived, and now we are actively participating in the process of forming of a new democratic Ukraine and its integration into Europe, from where we were taken in 1946 and forcefully added to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic,” says the declaration.

    Ruthenian population counts approximately 800 thousands people, say the Soyms’ leaders. The center of the national movement is the city of Uzhgorod.

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