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Uzhgorod city suffocates with dust

    24 January 2021 Sunday

    Air pollution of Uzhgorod exceeds tolerable norms by four times, the president of regional youth ecological union Oksana Stankevich informed about it during the conference of Carpathian international media center. According to Transcarpathian Hydrometeorology Center, Uzhgorod’s air consists of increasing concentration formaldehyde, benzol and nitric dioxide. The main source of pollution is the transport.

    Stankevich also stresses that Uzhgorod needs more green plantations. One green hectare absorbs 75 tones of dust. Uzhgorod has only 82 green hectare which is minimum index concerning the number of residents. Every year the number of parks and squares are extremely reduced cause of illegal erections of business buildings and private houses.

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