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3 Fantastic Life Hacks to Make Cryptocurrency Mining More Lucrative

    18 January 2021 Monday
    HashFare Coupon codes and Discounts


    The easiest and fastest way to acquire any cryptocurrency is through buying. However, cryptocurrency mining may prove to be a more lucrative agenda than just buying. Mining involves verifying other transactions on the blockchain platform and thereby creating a public record of each transaction. For facilitating this process, miners usually get a financial token in return. Miners usually make use of a mining rig that comprises a normal computer and high-value graphics cards that facilitate the mining process. It is a verified and profitable way of making money nowadays. Many people are already making money through cryptocurrency mining.


    Tricks Miners Use to Make Mining Easier


    Offered below are some of the tricks that miners can use to make the mining process more profitable:

    1. Starting with a clean install of windows. It will eliminate background apps and services that limit windows performance.

    2. Keep the systems tray empty. Ensure that you disable all apps that slow down the start-up process and slow down system resources or cause untimely reboots of the system which may stop the mining process.

    3. Update your graphics cards drivers regularly especially after a windows update especially before you install updates for your mining program.    

    Cloud mining and Potential Benefits


    Cloud mining can best be described as the process of mining cryptocurrencies without the necessity of owning a mining rig. Shares of mining power are usually sold by companies that own these rigs and have them set up in remote warehouses in countries like China or Iceland where electricity is cheap. They create a mining pool whereby interested customers who don’t have the capability of owning or building a mining rig, can buy these shares.

    Some of the benefits associated with cloud mining include:

    • A low electricity bill. Since you will only use the company’s mining hardware, you will incur no electricity bills on your part.

    • It is less risky as you depend on the company’s hardware. Therefore, any technical let down by the hardware does not affect you directly.

    • There is no need to have a mining rig. Therefore, you don’t to keep on updating your rig’s hardware or sell it once the business ceases to be profitable.

    • Since you don’t have to operate mining hardware, you will have a quiet home with no noise or heat brought about by fans or overheating computer hardware.

    Best Cloud Mining Service Provider


    HashFlare is the best digital currency provider at the moment. Other than mining Bitcoins, HashFlare can help you also mine other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Zcash, and Dash. It is a deal that many other providers don’t provide. HashFlare also provides five package deals to choose from. You can make attractive returns depending on your package of choice. The best Hashflare cloud mining plan at the moment is the Scrypt Cloud Mining plan. Here are the benefits for the Scrypt mining plan:

    • It offers a minimum hash rate of 1 MH/s.

    • It has a maintenance fee of $0.005 per 1 MH/s for every 24 hours.

    • It utilizes Hascoins Scrypt Hardware.

    • You make automatic withdrawals through Bitcoins.

    • It offers a one year contract.

    You can save up cash by taking advantage of the HashFlare codes for the Scrypt Mining Plan. Some of the deals that you can access include:

    • A HashFlare referral program where you can earn 10% of commission for any package purchased by your referees.

    • A HashFlare code for 5% on Scrypt mining.

    • 10 GHS for $2.20 with a discount.

    • A loyalty program for you if you generate a lot of traffic to the website.

    HashFlare offers a lot of benefits and ways to save up your money. As you can see, with HashFlare, it’s not only about mining digital currencies but also helping you save up your costs. Make sure to check out these promotion codes for great discounts.

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