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Angelina Jolie Sexy Make Up Call for Brad Pitt

    22 January 2021 Friday

    Angelina Jolie may be very pregnant but the one time vampy Hollywood sweetheart still understands that there is nothing like a little make up sex to ease the tensions between partners, a report from the National Enquirer claims. According to the published report Brad Pitt was not very happy with Jolie jetting off to Iraq and he is also not pleased with the lack of time joie is spending with him of late, the report claims.

    Angelina Jolie Sexy
    Angelina Jolie Sexy

    “Things were rough enough between Angelina and Brad before she became pregnant. But lately, she’s been a bundle of nerves and feeling incredibly insecure about her looks,” an insider told The Enquirer.


    With four kids and twins on the way, “they’ve also had problems finding enough ‘alone time’ for each other. Due to her pregnancy and all the anxiety, their sex life has suffered.” But Jolie paid a visit to an adult store and picked up some pretty wild items to spice things up according to the magazine.

    "Angelina spent about 30 minutes browsing in the Coco de Mer store on Melrose Avenue. She bought a peek-a-boo black bra, plus special tape used for bondage games," said a source. (She also bought one other item, which is even more personal and better left unprinted, the story from the Enquirer claims!). Back to Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Angelina Jolie?


    Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie




    The chatty insider claims, "Angelina feels sex is the only way to ease the fighting with Brad. So she put together a little bag of tricks to keep him busy in bed." It surely can't hurt.

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