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Eurovision-2010 Song Contest : Congratulation to Lena Meyer Landrut and to Germany!

    22 January 2021 Friday

    Some minutes ago the Eurovision Song contest 2010 ended. The winner this year is the 18 years old Lena Meyer-Landrut from Germany!

    Here are the Top 5 Results and points:
    Germany – 246 Points
    Turkey – 170 Points
    Romania – 162 Points
    Denmark – 149 Points
    Azerbaijan – 145 Points

    Congratulation to Lena Meyer Landrut and to Germany! Europe has decided that your song “Satellite” is the best of the contest this year. Hopefully the world will hear more from Lena.

    Participants representing 25 countries performed during the final.

    As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Ukrainian singer Alyosha on May 27 won the right to perform in the final of the Eurovision 2010 song contest in Oslo having performed well in the semifinal of the song contest.

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