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Special service and the Minister of Public Health will take care of typhoid

    26 January 2021 Tuesday

    Today the Minister of Public Health Yuriy Polyachenko will go to Transcarpathia to supervise in person the situation of the typhoid episode in the village of Symere, UNIAN communicates.Due to the disease brought by the illegal migrants the Ukrainian special service has activated at the Ukraine-Slovakia border.

    As it is known, the typhoid virus is of the Asian origin. Officially this diagnosis has been confirmed in seven people, two of them children.

    By now 30 victims are under inpatient treatment. 23 more are under the medical supervision as the potential virus carriers.

    Today the first results of blood analysis of 600 more Transcarpathians will be known.

    Meanwhile from the regional budget reserve funds 96,000 hryvnias were allocated for liquidation of the typhoid episode. As the first measure, water in all wells will be chlorinated.

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