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Мадяри розширюють свою експансію за рахунок інших європейських народів

    29 февраля 2024 четверг
    Аватар пользователя denis.petrov
    Number of ethnic kin from abroad adopting Hungarian citizenship expected to reach 500,000 by 2014 By MTI The number of ethnic Hungarians outside of the country’s borders who are awarded Hungarian citizenship could come close to half a million by the end of the current government’s term in 2014, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said in a television interview late Friday. Well over 100,000 applications for citizenship have been received, Semjen told commercial news station HirTv. About 800 applications are being processed per day, he added. About 40pc of the applications are being handled by local councils, Semjen said. He reiterated that the new citizens would have the right to vote under Hungary’s new Voting Act, to be adopted later this year. A new law allowing obtaining Hungarian citizenship in a simplified procedure took effect on January 1 this year. Under the law people are eligible for Hungarian citizenship if they or their ascendants were Hungarian citizens before 1920 or between 1938 and 1945. Unlike previously, permanent residency in Hungary is not a requirement. http://www.politics.hu/20110718/number-of-new-hungarian-citizens-expected-to-reach-half-a-million-by-end-of-2014/