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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

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    22 февраля 2024 четверг
    Аватар пользователя Гость

    And that he did.

    I love what RDM has done with Chelsea in the brief time he has been in charge. There is no doubt in my mind that he will get the full time job at the end of the season,Dwight Freeney Jersey.

    In any case, the final will shape up to be a massive match between two clubs who are used to the world’s stage. I predict that Chelsea’s fairy-tale spring season will come to an appropriate climax on Bayern’s home turf…Chelsea 1-0.

    Forget about knocking Chelsea for playing “negative soccer” as so many people like to call it. What is so negative about advancing to the Champions League Final? There are no “style points” awarded in this game and at the highest level, it’s all about the results.

    Ronaldo, Kaka and Ramos missed and now the Champions League final has two teams that almost nobody predicted would be in it…Chelsea and Bayern Munich! Everybody, except me,Dez Bryant Youth Jersey! I predicted that both teams would move onto the finals…if you don’t believe me,London Fletcher Jersey, check out my facebook page Mark Vincent Lincir.

    Barca had their chances,Lardarius Webb Jersey. But an unbelievable penalty kick miss by Messi and an inability to break down a Chelsea backline that included all its players cost them a trip to the final. The biggest tactical mistake Barca made was by not taking more shots from outside the penalty box earlier in the game,Jason Pierre-Paul Giants Jersey. That would have drawn Chelsea out of its bunker defense a little bit and probably opened up more room in the final third of the field for Barca to combine.

    In the other semifinal, it was simply a case of Bayern’s precision and gumption that put them through. Real missed an unbelievable THREE penalty kicks,Michael Vick Jersey! Maybe that is something that Jose doesn’t work on very much on the training ground?

    By Mark Vincent Lincir

    But having the veteran defender take one of the first five kick still surprised me with a team so loaded with offensive talent.

    Mark Vincent Lincir is the author of THE GIFT OF STOPPAGE TIME

    Why did I think that? I could feel the massive amount of confidence that Chelsea garnered from their 1-0 home victory over Barca last week and I knew that RDM would go into Nou Camp with a sound plan to sit back and absorb everything that Barca had for 90 minutes in order to get a result.

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    But it wasn’t until late in the game that defender Macherano took a well-struck shot from outside the box that any danger loomed from distance.

    Sergio Ramos’ penalty kick just landed on my head as I was enjoying a cup of coffee on a gorgeous afternoon in my garden. How badly did he take his kick? I know that the stutter step messed him up, that’s why you should never do it!

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