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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

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    28 February 2021 Sunday

    Eurovision Song Contest 2005

    Yuri Falyosa, manager of Ani Lorak:
    What had happened yesterday brought country in a complete shock. Nobody has expected such a blasphemy and barefaced impudence from the Government of the our country. Disregarding all the rules of National Preselection Mr. Tomenko has added by his sole decision 5 bands to the list of finalists. That are the bands that supported Yuschenko and his revolution.
    More than hundred persons have contacted me yesterday and said that they couldn't use the telephone number to vote for Ani Lorak, after 6 minutes of the voting SMS voting provided by sponsor Kievstar has also failed.
    I was warned a week ago, by one respected person who is close to "Orange circles", that it was decided to make everything to ensure that ANY singer should win but not Ani Lorak. Simply because she has not participated in political concerts and meetings in Yuschenko favour.
    We think that such steps of our Government doesn't give ethical right for our country to participate in Eurovision this year. And even more to host it in the Ukraine.

    Greenjolly photo Roman Kalin, Roman Kostyuk ,
    Greenjolly photo Roman Kalin, Roman Kostyuk ,"Razom nas bogato"

    Sensationally finished National Preselection marathon in Ukraine. Selection that initially was scandalous: first abandoned by main contenders, then mass breaking of the rules of the contest, at the end turned into political show farce.

    Situation has changed in the couple of days: new leadership of NTCU disregarding selection principle, when other finalists were being selected in the 15 weeks contest has invited 4 bands which were remembered as one of propagandists of Orange Revolution in Kiev. Main hope for organizers was main revolutionary anthem Razom nas bogato - which was put last in the draw.

    At the time when De Shifer band decided not to use name of Victor Yuschenko and changed the lyrics of the song, band Greenjolly performed the song in it's original variant.

    It is clear that mass-media in Europe and especially in Russia will revolt against the lyrics of the song. We would suggest that they should more fix first of all on principles of Ukranian preselection which had turned in the end to complete chaos. And while discussing the song on musical criteria and disregard the political appeals in it.

    Result of it we will see in May. Whether this song will be appraised by European countries or Ukraine will start again from the semifinal of the contest?

    Materials from the press-conference of Greenjolly:

    Near the press-conference building protests were held, people with Ukranian social-democratic youth Union symbols had demanded that Ani Lorak should represent Ukraine at the contest. They shouted "Ani Lorak - Tak! Ani Lorak we are for you! Shame to the contest! Eurovision! Ani Lorak!"

    The singers of Greenjolly had joined for the short time this people and supported them also shouting "Ani Lorak - Tak!"

    Some breaking information was given during conference by Greenjolly members:

    - Participation in the contest was not our initiative. And originally we couldn't participate as our song was created after the start of it. If there are doubts in fair result we are eager to held revoting of the NF if it is technically possible.

    - From the original variant only chorus will be left. Verses and songtitle will be completely reworked. We have three more weeks for this. Songtitles suggested are: "Freedom song" and "Song of free people". Also we are considering possibility to perorm the song in English.

    - Now we had spread our wings and we won't shout now that we will beat them all, but I think in future we will be able to declare this.

    - This is not our "only" song. And another song was performed at the conferences. Band is now working on their debut album.

    Manager of the Ukranian Records Andrei Dahnovski:

    - Greenjolly is the only chance for Ukraine to get some good result at the Eurovision 2005 and to show something to Europe.

    - We are planning to organize world promotional tour for the band.

    - Professional stylists, choreographs and directors will work with the band, possibly we will also invite Western producers.

    From August 2004 up to February 2005 members of the EBU Observation Council and EMC technical specialists made occasional visits to Kyiv. On their recommendation Alexander Savenko was appointed as general producer of the Eurovision-2005 Song Contest. Mr Savenko has also become a member of the EBU Observation Council.

    The contest will be held on May 19 (semi-final, 2 hours long) and 21 (final, 3 hours long).

    The preparations for the contest are being made under the president's decree of 26 May 2004 850 On hosting Eurovision-2005 Song Contest" and the Assignment to the Ukrainian Government of 28 May 2004 23597/0/1-04.

    According to the decree the principal aims of the Ukrainian government are:

    - to develop and agree the Eurovision-2005 preparation plan

    - to settle financial backing for 2004 in concert with local Kyiv authority

    - to make sure that the budget for 2005 can meet necessary expenditure

    Derzhkomteleradio was charged to organize massive media coverage of Eurovision-2005 contest and preliminary preparations for it. It was only in December 2004 when the Committee was asked to solve other issues relating to how the contest is organized and held. The first Organizing Committee meeting took place on 7 October 2004. As a result, they have worked out the Protocol Assignment to the executive involved in organising and holding the contest.

    Translated by Tatiana Gremiakina

    The social programme for accredited persons is being currently developed.

    The terms are principally agreed concerning the engagement of the national sponsors of SCE, who have to correspond with the demands of EBU. EBU from its part signed the agreement of the international sponsor of “Eurovision-2005” with company “Nemiroff” for the sum of 1 million Euros (money of EBU).

    The working briefing presided over by deputy head I.Dan’kevych concerning preparation and carrying out of song contest “Eurovision-2005” took place in Kyiv city state administration on the 9th of February this year. During the briefing the concrete problems were discussed about the contest organization lied upon the KMDA and also the executors were defined which are given the corresponding commissions concerning realization of the defined work.

    The main tasks defined for today are:

    - preparation of the city economy, hotels, transport and communication, culture and art measures for carrying out SCE-2005;

    - fixing roads, facades, roofs, green zones of the city etc.;

    - solving the problem of engaging the money of the state budget for financing culture and art measures for the contest carrying out;

    - development of the schedule of the city culture and art measures and excursion routes around Kyiv;

    - solving the problem with bank “Khreshchatyk” concerning providing privileged credits to the enterprises for manufacturing souvenir goods for the contest;

    - preparation of the list of Kyiv hotels which are ready to accommodate the participants and the guests of the contest in May 2005, to provide availability of souvenirs, information about Kyiv and the programme of events of the song contest in rooms;

    - agreement of the tour operator of “Eurovision-2005” with the new Organization Committee, and also defining the places of accommodation for the corresponding foreign delegations and the way of payment for hotels;

    - providing the right to use the contest symbolism, free of charge parking of excursion buses near the historical monuments of Kyiv etc.

    All the activities concerning the contest preparation last year were carried out at the expense of the money of the National TV-company of Ukraine. It considerably held in the carrying out of the jobs which require serious financing (projects development, purchase of equipment, engaging professionals in different branches etc.).

    Translated by Yanina Rudenko

    The State committee of television and radiobroadcasting of Ukraine together with NTU submitted to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine some suggestions concerning the State budget draft for 2005. The sum of 30.8 million griven has been planned for holding the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in this year budget. However, on the basis of the experience of the previous contests in other countries and on the conclusions of specialists of different fields of knowledge it became evident that this sum is not sufficient for proper organisation of such a contest and won’t favour Ukraine’s international image. For an adequate presentation of Ukraine as a European country with high technical, creative and an intellectual potential, immediate additional investment for the operative beginning of the works is needed. In the end of January of the current year the Committee presented to the Ministry of Finance the full estimate of expenditures for preparation and holding of the contest. It includes the minimum sum of 30.8 million griven, which is already stipulated in the Budget, additional budget inquiry of 46 million griven, the means planned to be given by European Community and sponsors, and also the booking – 31.2 million griven. The total sum of the estimate makes 108 million griven. On the whole, lots of problems remains unsolved three months before the contest. First of all, within the remained period of time it is necessary to prepare the place – the Palace of Sport.

    In particular, the power facility, the communication and air-conditioning systems, the installation and tuning of technical facility (light, sound, television equipment, and connection) is required. It’s an immense complex of works, but the lack of time causes its speeding up. Now the management of the Palace of Sport works according to the scheme approved by the EBU. The installation of air-conditioning system is being made, the bathrooms and the new sanitary rooms are being re-equipped, all windows and doors are being changed, and the works on equipping of the press-centre of the contest, gymnasium, commentators’ cabins and the adjoining territory is being held.

    According to the legal decision № 1 from October 7th, 2004 of the organization committee’s session devoted to the preparation of Eurovision-2005, State committee of television and radiobroadcasting of Ukraine was appointed central coordinating organ of executive power engaged in preparing and holding of the contest. By this time all the preliminary work (negotiations, contract signing, planning, etc.) has been done only by NTU, as a member of EBU representing Ukraine. On the 8th of February 2005 the President appointed new members of the organization committee with his Edict №203. The committee doesn’t include any representative of the State committee of television and radiobroadcasting. At the same time, according to the legal decision № 2 from February 16th, 2005 of the organization committee’s session devoted to the preparation and holding of Eurovision-2005, the preparation of the entire reconstruction of the Palace of Sport, creation of television systems, development of the simplified scheme of tender procedures, the estimate and schedule of financing and the like were entrusted to NTU and to the other ministries. The State committee of television and radiobroadcasting isn’t co-executive of any task concerning contest preparation. For the realisation of the abovementioned Presidential Edict №203 from February 8th and the government directives the Committee developed the project of the Cabinet of Ministers Decree “About the introduction of changes into the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Decree from 21.01.2005 №24-р”. This document provides proper changes of the staff of executives. On the 25th of February it was being agreed by the central organs of executive power. The question of preparation to the Eurovision-2005 totally depends on NTU, because NTU represent Ukraine in EBU and is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 on behalf of EBU.

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