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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

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    01 March 2021 Monday

    Six people killed in yesterday's fighting in Kramatorsk

    13 persons were injured, the press service of the Donetsk Regional State Administration informed.

    During the anti-terrorist operation in Horlivka for the last day there were no dead and injured, specified in the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

    Ukraine National Guard deployed at state border in Donetsk region

    Fighters of the Ukrainian National Guard have arrived at the state border in the Donetsk region, spokesman for the National Security and Defense Council Volodymyr Chepovy announced."At the Ukrainian president's instruction to regain control over the state border, units of the National Guard were deployed on June 16 at the state border and in populated areas of Donetsk region," he said at a press briefing on June 17.

    National Guard fighters have assumed duty at checkpoints and in reserve groups intended to react to emergencies, he said.Chepovy said that a series of successful operations has been conducted over the past 24 hours to regain control over the state border and "to destroy members of criminal armed formations in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.""Following a series of operations the surviving terrorists and members of subversive groups retreated to new bases and strongholds," Chepovy said."About 80 militants have been neutralized over the past 24 hours in the counterterrorism operation," he said.

    Mariupol "people's mayor" Fomenko charged with creating terrorist group

    The Ukrainian Security Service has opened a criminal case against Oleksandr Fomenko, the so-called people's mayor of Mariupol, Donetsk region, who is suspected of creating a terrorist organization or group.The police have determined that Fomenko was involved in the takeover of the building of the department for the prevention of organized crime of the Mariupol Main Directorate of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry's Main Department in the Donetsk region.

    A criminal case was opened based on evidence of a crime enshrined by Part 1 of Article 258-3 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (creation of a terrorist group or a terrorist organization).The crime is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.The suspect has been put into custody under a court ruling.

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