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    28 February 2021 Sunday

    Ukrainians may buy currency only at UAH 3,000 per day

    The National Bank of Ukraine limited the sale of the foreign currency to one person by the amount of UAH 3,000 per day.

    This is said in a resolution of September 22, 2014, No. 591, the NBU page informs on Facebook.

    “Taking into consideration strengthening of tension on the cash segment of the currency market, the resolution envisages reduction of the minimum amount of the cash foreign currency sale to one person over one operation (working) day to the amount that does not exceed an equivalent of UAH 3,000,” the National Bank noted.

    The resolution also cancels earlier introduced demand for mandatory exchange of transfers from abroad into the hryvnia in favor of natural persons without opening an account.

    “It is expected that such measures will promote an increase in the foreign currency revenues to Ukraine from current non-trade transactions,” the NBU added.

    The regulator stresses that these measures are exclusively of preventive and temporary character and they will be abolished immediately after minimization of respective negative factors on the currency market.

    The resolution comes into force from September 23, 2014.

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