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    09 March 2021 Tuesday

    Reverse gas for Ukraine no longer belongs to Gazprom - commissioner

    European companies supply to Ukraine in a reverse mode the natural gas purchased from Gazprom and therefore it no longer belongs to the Russian company.

    European Commission Vice President Guenther Oettinger said this, while explaining the legality of reverse gas supplies to Ukraine from the EU and their compliance with the rules of the energy market, Ukrinform's correspondent in Brussels reported.

    "If you go to a Carrefour [a popular supermarket chain] and buy goods there, they already belong to you. You can freely store, use or sell them - it's your property. So if gas companies bought gas, it is no longer owned by Gazprom, and they are free to do with it whatever they want: they can sell or store it. So, we have strict rules regarding the functioning of the internal gas market, and they fully comply with EU requirements," Oettinger said.

    He noted that in this respect "Russian partners have quite a different culture."

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