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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

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    09 March 2021 Tuesday

    In two weeks Transcarpathians will be able to travel to Romania without visas

    Residents of Rakhiv, Tyachiv, Vynogradiv and Irshava districts can travel to the neighboring Romania without visas. On May 14, the agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of Romania on local border traffic comes into force.

    Thus, inhabitants of Transcarpathia living within 30 km from the common state border will have the right to receive special cards for easy entry into the neighboring country. It is assumed that inhabitants of the border zone will receive free permits for simplified border crossing with the right to stay in the border area of ​​the other state for 90 days from the date of entry.

    Those wishing to visit Romania will be issued special cards upon presentation of a passport.

    The permit will be issued by consular offices of Romania valid for up to five years, but for no longer than the validity of the travel document.

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