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Ukraine President Yushchenko Says Revolution Inspired by Libya

    25 January 2021 Monday

    The Secretary of State Affairs in the Ukraine, Alexander Zintchiko, personal envoy of the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko was received by Libya's Colonel Muammar Qaddafi on Monday.The Ukrainian envoy delivered a letter from the president of Ukraine, in which he stressed that the "people's revolution" in the Ukraine was inspired by the principles and thoughts of the Libyan Revolution, and that his country attaches great importance to political dialogue with Libya at the highest levels. This was reported by Libya's state-run news agency.

    "The visit of this Ukrainian delegation to the friendly country of Libya is yet another testimony of the interest of the Ukraine side to go ahead with advancing these relations", he pointed out in his letter.

    President Yushchenko underscored in his letter, his desire to coordinate and hold consultations with Qaddafi, expressing his honour to extended an invitation to the Libyan leader to visit Ukraine.

    The President of Ukraine also underlined his resolve to advance and bolster cooperation to new important levels between Ukraine and Libya. He pointed out the "enormous promising fields which would give such relations great momentum".

    The audience was attended by the delegation accompanying the Ukraine President's personal envoy, the Secretary of Cooperation Affairs at the Libyan foreign ministry, the Libyan ambassador to Ukraine and the ambassador of Ukraine to Libya.

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