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Открытое письмо Н.И. Корпачевой-омбудсмену Украины

    05 октября 2023 четверг
    Аватар пользователя Владлен Карингтон
    Dear Nina! You, as a man, a woman had the fate to occupy the post of Representative of the Supreme Council for Human Rights, the Ombudsman. This chair is designed for highly moral and highly ethical person who is endowed with special powers to uphold the human rights defined as the Constitution of Ukraine, and the International Declaration on respect for and protection of human rights. I would like to hear or see your report on the work you have done to protect the rights of specific individuals for your 13 year stay in the chair of the Ombudsman. Not it possible that in Ukraine there are no people whose rights are violated and who need your help? I think there are more than enough. What prevents you from having such a huge staff of lawyers on Institutska 21 / 8, to do their duties? Man being highly moral and highly moral person with the soul could not watch without participating in many of the processes are not rooting showers. You can type in mind and give way to a decent man? Which of you use? Are not you ashamed to look people in the eye? I have the honor / Vladlen Karington /