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In an interview in the Black Sea city of Sochi on Thursday, Putin said the U.S. had encouraged Georgia to attack the autonomous region of South Ossetia.

Putin said his defense officials had told him it was done to benefit a presidential candidate -- Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are competing to succeed George W. Bush -- although he presented no evidence to back it up.

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Polish Ambassador in Ukraine Jacek Kluczkoswki went for a two-day familiarization trip to Transcarpathian(Zakarpattia). In Uzhhorod the diplomat met Head of the Regional State Administration Oleh Havashi, who acquainted the guest with the state of cooperation with Polish regions.

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WASHINGTON, Dec. 6, 2005 – Ukraine joined a regional European security organization today at a meeting being held here and hosted by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

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Foreign secretary David Miliband has said that Russia has a "responsibility" not to start a new Cold War after flying to neighbouring Ukraine.

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President Dmitry Medvedev has declared that Russia formally recognises the independence of the breakaway Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

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A charitable account of the regional Red Cross organization was transferred over UAH 500 thousand, head of operative office of the regional administration, acting first deputy head of the Kirovohrad Regional State Administration Svitlana Nehoda said.

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There may be no two people who value the potato more than Orysia and George Wozniak, proprietors of Taste of Ukraine restaurant, located downtown at Jasper Avenue and 122nd Street.

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The Deputy Head of Government will hold a meeting of the Regional Headquarters on Mitigation of Disaster Consequences, as well as a meeting on the issues of design and construction of protection facilities.

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The announcement came minutes before French President Nicolas Sarkozy was to land in Moscow to meet with Medvedev to negotiate terms for a possible cease-fire.

"I have reached a decision to halt the operation to force the Georgian authorities to peace," Medvedev said. "The aggressor has been punished and has incurred very significant losses. Its armed forces are disorganized."

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Georgia's president says he has signed an international-brokered proposal for a cease-fire with Russia in their conflict over the breakaway province of South Ossetia.

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Bombs rocked Tbilisi early Saturday morning as the fight between Georgia and Russia over a breakaway region intensified and moved into the Georgian capital.

Day one of the Georgia-South Ossetia military conflict

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The number of people who have died or are missing as a result of a devastating flood in western Ukraine has risen to 38, including eight children, the Health Ministry said on Monday.

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These are, in particular, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi, Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia), and Ternopil regions.

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This is what Viktor Yushchenko said in the Transcarpathian village of Bohdan while estimating work of authorities at the local level and in particular in Transcarpathia at the journalists' requests.

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The Carpathian Mountains or Carpathians (Romanian: Carpaţi; Czech, Polish and Slovak: Karpaty; Ukrainian: Карпати (Karpaty); German: Karpaten; Serbian: Karpati / Карпати; Hungarian: Kárpátok) are a range of mountains forming an arc of roughly 1,500 km across Central and Eastern Europe, making them the largest mountain range in Europe.

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A hostel for 200 foreign migrants recently opened in the village of Rozsudiv in Chernihiv oblast, on the premises of a formal military unit. Migrants can stay there for up to six months even if they are not employed. There are plans to enlarge the hostel so that it can accommodate 500 seekers of a better life.

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Cabinet plans to endorse top-priority plan for building protective structures on West Ukrainian rivers

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The informatization of the health sector (eHealth) is to speed up significantly, as Slovakia is participating in the pilot project eHealth – Electronic Health Sector based on a narrow cooperation with EU countries in this field, informs the web site of the Health Ministry.

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80.7 thousand couples divorced in the first half of 2008, which is six percent less against the same period of 2007.

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Full name – State Enterprise “Joint Directorate of water management objects’ construction in Transcarpathian region”
Identification code (not for print) – 34262204
Address: Slovyanska q., 5, 88018, Uzhhorod

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This was disclosed by Emergency Minister Volodymyr Shandra at a special Parliament's session.

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A Jewish foundation is helping children displaced by storms and flooding in Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian government ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to request international assistance in the aftermath of the devastating floods that hit the western part of the country.

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Wladimir Klitschko retained his IBF and WBO heavyweight titles on Saturday with an 11th round knockout against American challenger Tony Thompson.

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Apple Inc.'s new iPhone 3G drew tens of thousands of buyers in cities from Tokyo to New York yesterday, with software glitches disappointing some shoppers and short supply leaving others camped out last night.

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Transcarpahtian region

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A frail Irene Famulak clutched her brother on the airport tarmac, her arm wrapped around him in a tight embrace, tears streaming down their faces. It was the first time since 1942 they had seen each other, when she was 17 and he was just 7.

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Lying between the vast Asiatic steppe to the east and four EU members to the West, Ukraine is an ideal transit territory for illegal migrants. Much of its border with Russia consists of thick woods, while remote mountain paths connect the country to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

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Russia will be forced to make a military response if a U.S.-Czech Republic missile defense agreement is ratified, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

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