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Belarus goes Greek for 2005 Eurovision

    20 January 2021 Wednesday

    Angelica Agurbash will perform "Love Me Tonight", written by Greek songwriters Nikos Terzis and Nektarios Terakis at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.

    Angelica Agurbash
    Angelica Agurbash

    A jury with representatives from the Belarussian Ministry of Culture and broadcaster BRTC gathered today to listen to several possible songs for the contest. The song originally planned for Kiev, ‘Boys and Girls’ met with mixed reviews and a search began for a replacement. Agurbash presented several shortlisted numbers to the jury, including the Greek song and one from Eurovision veteran Zvika Pick.

    After ‘Boys and Girls’ was selected for Eurovision, many polls and message boards hosted by unofficial Eurovision sites slated the song. Agurbash headed to London to re-record the song and improve her English. A video of the song was planned. It is an open secret that as criticism of her song increased, she began looking for possible alternatives. As a guest at the recent Greek national final, where she sang ‘Boys and Girls’, Terzis approached her with the song that will now go to Kiev.

    Alex Kolesnikov of BTRC, confirmed the change, "This decision has to come down to Angelica's management and producers. The EBU informed us earlier that we could make any changes to the song before Head of delegations meeting on 21 March."

    Terzis wrote the 2004 and 2001 Greek Eurovision songs, both of which ended in third place.

    The All Ukrainian Selection Round of the Contest Eurovision-2005

    The national broadcasting company of Ukraine carried out the All Ukrainian selection competition for participation in the "Eurovision-2005". The winner has an opportunity to present Ukraine at the musical competition "Eurovision-2005".

    The participants had to pass several stages. The applicants, who have reached the next stage and were defined by the interactive telephone voting.

    All of 75 applicants who have given phonograms and been selected for participation in the competition, were divided into the groups of five represents. The total quantity of such groups was 15. Each of them were represented every week for the audience to judge, and at the end of every week by the means of interactive voting the song-winner was defined, who became the participant of the finale of competition. Accordingly, in the finale you have heard 19 songs ( 15 of them are the winners of the semi-final and 4 jokers) from which you have choosed the one you liked most which to represent Ukraine in the musical competition "Eurovision-2005".

    You could support the participant (song) you like most in such two ways.

    You could dial the short number 106 at your mobile and give your voice for any of the applicants, or send the SMS-message on the same short number 106 with the number of the participant.

    For the wire connection subscribers the service is available on the number 8 900 235 00 XX, where XX — is the participant's number.

    For additional information call (044) 252 9945 (Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00).

    The winners of the semifinal selection competition took part in the final Gala-concert which was broadcasted on the television channel UT-1.

    The ultimate voting was hold in the finale of the Gala-concert, on the results of this voting the winner of the All Ukrainian selection competition is defined.

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