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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

Hungarian-Ruthenian autonomy

    29 May 2023 Monday

    The fraction of Jobbik parliamentary initiated the day that the National Assembly should condemn the decision eastern Ukrainian genocide and the Western assistance to in the Kiev government orders and intervene in the Hungarian-Ruthenian autonomy Transcarpathia - type communication Gyongyosi Martin, the Jobbik parliamentary group Deputy.

    Jobbik's view of the Kiev government attacking its own nationals on grounds of nationality, which Western governments provide political, intelligence, financial, and moral support and cooperation to turn a blind eye to the chauvinistic teams with free and continuous violations over.
    The last few weeks' events, the Kiev government's aggressive behavior, and eastern Ukraine to Euro-Atlantic world indifference current violations not only do not help the process of reconciliation, but now a new cold war nightmare predict where the tension gerjesztéséért a great responsibility on the European Union and the United States of America.
    Gyongyosi to mark the seriousness of the situation is that for more than a hundred thousand Ukrainian citizens were forced to leave home and abroad to seek refuge in the fighting has already claimed hundreds of innocent civilians, which raises the suspicion that Kiev is a deliberate and systematic genocide continue Donetsk and Luhansk counties .
    Jobbik condemns the use of violence and calls attention to the fact that a particular interest in Hungary in the peaceful resolution of conflict, particularly with regard to Transcarpathia in a considerable number of Hungarian and Hungarian nation's history in every community taking Ruthenian minority found that the continuous threat living in Kiev Government chauvinistic and anti-minority policy.


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