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If Slovakia Held a Referendum Slovak Voters Could Decide Against the Lisbon Treaty

    23 January 2021 Saturday

    No to the Lisbon Treaty. That is result of national referendum in Ireland. Non-compliant Irish voters rejected a treaty designed to change the European Union. Ireland has not only voted to stop the integration process in the EU, but also opened new questions about EU future, European community and politicians driving it.Ireland's rejection of the European Union's Lisbon reform treaty is a "considerable disappointment and potential setback" for the European Union, Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen said.

    These days world media say that "fewer than a million Irish voters abolished the choice of nearly 500 million Europeans in the 27 member nations". It is not true. That is not the first time when European voters do not allow Eurocrats to create more authority, more power, more bureaucracy in Brussels headquarters. Three years ago the new EU constitution was rejected by Dutch and French voters.

    In the fact, Ireland was the only European country to hold a national referendum about Lisbon Treaty. In all 26 other EU countries the decision is made by the governments, 18 of them, including Slovakian, have already ratified the Treaty and the rest are expected to follow.

    Irish referendum can be seen as a little mirror of EU citizens' opinion. In any other European country a referendum could bring similar results.

    It is more then probably that if Slovakia vote about Lisbon Treaty in referendum, Slovak voters would decide against the Treaty, too.

    I can not say how would I vote if there was a referendum about Lisbon Treaty in Slovakia. May be, I even would support it. But Slovak politicians decided it is not necessary. They decided I am so stupid that I can not understand the great happiness the new European bureaucracy offers to me. Slovak Parliament approved the Lisbon Treaty instead of Slovak citizens. The conscientious Slovak parliamentarians even did not asked people what they think about. It was not necessary...

    Now, non-compliant Irish voters gave to all European citizens one more chance.


    Photo: Supporters of the 'No Vote' celebrate after the Lisbon Treaty was rejected at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Dublin, on June 13, 2008. (AFP PHOTO/ Paul McErlane)


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