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Michael Jackson's young accuser took the stand at the King of Pop's sex trial yesterday, locked eyes with his alleged molester, and told of how he spent his first night at the star's Neverland ranch engaging in a steamy session of Internet porn-surfing.

    17 January 2021 Sunday

    "[We] started looking at adult-material sites. He was pointing out girls, saying, 'Oh, I like her,' " said the now- 15-year-old cancer patient, who gave Jacko a cold sneer after District Attorney Tom Sneddon asked him if he recognized the defendant at the start of testimony.

    Despite having to look his alleged molester in the face from just feet away, the teen appeared strong and healthy as he described how he and his brother made their first trek to Neverland in August 2000.

    He said that on the very first night, Jackson en ticed the boys with a lurid jaunt through cyber space.

    "One time, we were looking at a site and there was a girl with her shirt up," he said, gesturing toward jurors with a hand motion that looked as if he were lifting up his shirt.

    "It was all quiet, and [Jackson] said, 'Got milk?' and we all started laughing."

    The teen told the court that he spent about 15 to 30 minutes looking at dirty Web sites with Jackson, his brother and Jackson's aide Frank Tyson.

    Also there was Jackson's then-3-year-old son, Prince, who was sleeping in a bed apart from the group.

    At one point, the Gloved One chastised his toddler over his apparent lack of enthusiasm for the group's porn-site foray, the boy said.

    "Prince, you're missing all the p- - - -," the alleged victim quoted Jackson as saying, sheepishly spelling out for the court the vulgar expression for the female anatomy.

    The sickening tale came on the eighth day of the blockbuster trial, in which Jackson, 46, is charged with molestation for allegedly plying the youngster with wine and sexually abusing him.

    The boy, who was 13 at the time of the alleged crime, wore a blue shirt, pleated pants and black shoes yesterday. He sat up perfectly straight as he faced Jackson.

    The teen did not talk about any act of molestation yesterday. He testified for about an hour, and is expected to continue today.

    The California boy spent most of the time talking about his troubled past and the history of his relationship with Jackson.

    The teen, who lost a kidney and spleen to cancer, described his father as abusive.

    He said that on the day the family first went to Jackson's Neverland compound, his father threw a fit over his mother's attire.

    "My dad made fun of her makeup and said she looked like a clown," the boy told jurors. "He got a cup of soda and [threw] it in her face."

    He also talked about his relationship with several famous comedians, whom he met after attending a Los Angeles comedy camp hosted by Jamie Masada, a club owner who would eventually bring him and Jackson together.

    The boy told the court that he attended the camp after his mom spotted a flier for it. She thought he had a comedic gift and wanted him to attend, the boy testified.

    "She always thought I was kind of funny," he said.

    He also described a friendship with comedians such as George Lopez and Chris Tucker, whom the boy met through the camp.

    The testimony about the comedians seemed to be a pre-emptive strike against the defense, which is expected to portray the accuser and his family as gold-diggers getting money from a series of celebrities with their story of cancer woes, even though insurance had paid for the boy's treatment.

    The youngster's testimony yesterday strongly implied the comedians willingly offered their help.

    The boy also spoke of his love of "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno, whom the defense claims was targeted for a shakedown by the family. The defense is expected to claim Leno called the cops on the family after they allegedly hounded him.

    The boy described the pain he endured because of his cancer, which has been in remission.

    "I felt like there was a knife in my stomach," he said, adding that he would hold a pillow to his stomach as he slept to ease the pain.

    He also told about how he came to appear in the now-notorious documentary made by British journalist Martin Bashir — the video in which Jackson defended his practice of letting boys sleep in bed with him.

    Trial watchers believe those comments helped spark the criminal case against Jacko.

    The boy said that before appearing in the film, he had only intermittent contact with Jackson after visiting Neverland seven times between 2000 and 2002. He said that on most of those visits, he never even saw Jackson.

    He claimed that he even had trouble calling the singer, because Jackson would frequently change his phone number.

    But one day in September 2002, Jackson called the boy and asked him to come to Neverland to be in what the boy thought was a movie.

    "I'm going to put you in movies. This is your audition," the boy quoted Jackson as saying.

    The boy said he was excited to be in a movie.

    But instead of a chance to be in pictures, the boy found that he was to appear in the documentary.

    He said he believes that Jackson wanted him in the Bashir piece as a prop to boost his image as a good guy who helps children.

    "He told me to say that he helped me . . . and that he pretty much cured me of cancer," the boy told the court.

    He said that at the time, he was willing to help Jackson and do anything the pop star wanted.

    "I though he was the coolest guy in the world, my best friend ever, you know what I mean," he said.

    It was sometime after the Bashir film that Jackson allegedly molested the boy.

    The teen's appearance on the stand came after three days of testimony by his younger brother.

    The accuser's sibling has so far given the most damaging testimony in the trial by describing how he witnessed a sex encounter between his brother and Jacko.

    He told the court that he walked upstairs at the ranch and entered a bedroom, where he witnessed Jackson molesting his sleeping brother by putting one hand down the boy's pants while he masturbated himself with his other hand.

    He also claimed that Jackson told him and his brother to never tell what happened, "even if they put a gun to your head."

    The defense countered the damaging claims by pointing out inconsistencies in the brother's testimony.

    Yesterday, defense attorney Tom Mesereau said the younger boy told authorities a different story about how he allegedly witnessed the molestation.

    Mesereau said that the boy told sheriff's officers that he was sitting in the bedroom — not walking in — when the incident occurred. He also originally said that his brother was passed out on alcohol, not merely asleep.

    The brother said that he was nervous when he made that statement.

    Defense lawyers asked Judge Rodney Melville to take jurors on a field trip to Neverland, according to court documents made public last night.

    The defense wants to challenge the brother's contention that he viewed the alleged molestation while looking from a lit stairwell leading into Jackson's darkened bedroom. With Post Wire Services


    Michael Jackson sexually abused boy at Neverland ranch, court told

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