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Новости и события в Закарпатье ! Ужгород окно в Европу !

"All the players will benefit greatly by being involved in the tournament."

    26 сентября 2023 вторник
    Аватар пользователя Гость

    "We might feel as though that's the way we are going to go forward.

    Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson admitted last month that he does not want any of his young stars to take part in both tournaments next summer.

    Many have criticised the idea of having a football team compete at the Olympics, but Wales stars Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey have both declared they want to be part of the British squad, and Pearce insists there is support for taking part in the event,A.J. Hawk Jersey.

    Pearce on Monday also gave his backing to the FA's Licensed Coaches Club initiative,Wes Welker Jersey, which was launched at Wembley on Monday afternoon.

    "I am very excited about it and the feedback I get from the players is that they are extremely excited about it as well," Pearce said.

    Pearce, who is also England's Under-21 manager, hopes the scheme will help the country develop more managers so the FA do not have to continue resorting to appointing foreigners as national manager.

    Stuart Pearce will lobby to take members of England's Euro 2012 squad to the Olympics if he thinks it will be beneficial for their development.

    Pearce already faces opposition from the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish Football Associations over the availability of their players as they are concerned that taking part in a British Olympic team may affect their independence in FIFA competition.

    "It's a great idea and it's vitally important that we keep developing English coaches and English managers," said Pearce, who managed Manchester City for two years before taking over the under-21 post.

    Pearce said: "We've not made a definitive decision in respect to anyone who goes to the Euros and whether they will or won't feature in the Olympics, we will have a look at that nearer the time.

    Pearce, who will manage the British men's team at London 2012,Brett Keisel Steelers Jersey, has not decided whether he will defy Ferguson's wishes and request that members of England's Euro 2012 squad play at the Games,DeSean Jackson Jersey, but on Monday hinted that he would he might do so if he thinks the players will benefit from playing in both.

    Three weeks separate the Euro 2012 final and the start of the Olympic football competition, but Ferguson is concerned that the likes of Phil Jones, Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverley will not have enough rest for the 2012-13 season if they play in both competitions.

    The scheme allows coaches from across the country to discounted access to courses and classes with the aim of improving the quality of coaching in England.

    "All the players will benefit greatly by being involved in the tournament."

    Pearce: No decision yet on who will be picked Related articles Hodgson keen on Team GB trio Richards hails united GB teams GB win caps golden day - Pearce

    "We will make sensible decisions. The decision will be solely based on the benefit of the players, the individuals concerned,Tom Brady Patriots Jersey. We have always done that."

    "Every time the England manager's job comes up, I think. in an ideal world, we should have 10 candidates who have great CVs that will leave the FA with a big, big problem choosing which one should do the job,Dwight Freeney Colts Jersey. That's what we have to look to achieve in the future."

    "We've not had a football team in the Olympics since 1960. To have it on our own soil is fantastic.

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