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Separatists planned terrorist attacks against Aeroflot aircraft on day of MH17 crash as pretext for Russian invasion into Ukraine

    23 January 2021 Saturday

    Investigators of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner crash have established that on the day of the crash Russia-sponsored separatists were planning to carry out a terrorist attack against an aircraft belonging to Russia’s Aeroflot, which would become a pretext for the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, Head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported on Thursday.

    "Ukraine's law enforcement and intelligence agencies have established during the investigation into a terrorist attack on [MH17] ... that on that day, July 17, and at that time military mercenaries and terrorists from the Russian Federation planned to carry out a terrorist attack against a passenger aircraft of Aeroflot en route from Moscow to Larnaca... as a pretext for the further invasion by Russia," the official said. "This cynical terrorist attack was planned for the day when the [Malaysian] plane happened to fly by, planned by war criminals as a pretext for the further military invasion by the Russian Federation, that is, there would be a casus belli," Nalyvaichenko added. Thus, according Nalyvaichenko, the terrorists downed the Malaysian airliner by mistake. As we have reported, Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in eastern Ukraine on July 17th, allegedly shot down by pro-Russian terrorists. The crash took the lives of all 298 people, including 83 children on board.

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